Career Information

Welcome to the Kansas


Career Pipeline!


The Kansas Career Pipeline System helps individuals measure their career interests, skills and work values, explore occupations, establish educational strategies, and ultimately connect with Kansas employers who need their talents.

It was created for students, parents, educators, adults and job seekers, workforce centers and employers. It is a program we use at school to expose students to careers and career planning. For students it includes the following:


  • Learning more about myself

Where students can take interest, skills and values inventories to learn about themselves and careers that match.

  • Explore career clusters in depth

Where you can explore the 16 career clusters Kansas has adopted and look at what occupations match.

  • View educational & career planning timeline

Where you can look at suggestions for planning for your career from K-adult.

  • Update my educational plan

Where student can create a 4 year plan of study for high school and look at class recommendation based on their career interests.

  • Plan for education/training after high school

Where you can find schools, consider the military, learn about apprenticeships, and explore financial aid.

  • Plan for work

Where you can search for jobs, write a resume, complete a sample job application and write a cover letter.

  • View my portfolio

Where you can store all of the information you have researched and collected and more.


For student to use the Kansas Career Pipeline the will have to create an account, which they do at school.  For more information on logging on click here: