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Welcome to the Andover High School

Counseling Page

The counseling team continues to be available for our students to help meet their needs regardless of what learning model they are on. Whether you are learning at home or at school you can reach a counselor in several different ways.

Ways to contact your counselor:

  1. Call the school and ask to speak to a counselor

    • 316-218-4600

  2. Come into the Counseling Office to sign up for a counselor passQR

  3. Sign up using the QR codes throughout the building

  4. Use this form:

  5. Email



AHS Enrollment Information and helpful information for each graduating class can be found here

**If you are a former student and are requesting a transcript, please email Shelli Swan with your name (at time of graduation), your date of graduation, the last four digits of your social security number, and the name and address of where you would like the transcript to be sent.


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A picture of the AHS Counseling staff.




A picture of the AHS Counseling staff.