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Chelli Cranmer

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Students signed up for Visual Basic and C++ need to sign up from home for a free Microsoft Visual Studio account.

C++ Programming 2
Finish Chapter 12- 2-D Arrays
Test this week
Begin chapter 13 – Strings

VB Programming 2
Finish chapter 7 –  Strings
Test at the end of the week?


Web Design
Dreamweaver Textbook-Finish chap 5 – Working with links and navigation
Begin chapter 5 project

Personal Finance
Check Google classroom. Assignments posted daily.

AP Computer Science A
Working in Barrons AP book
AP Practice Tests

Objects First with Java YouTube Videos
AP Test practice
Blue Pelican Java book

Advanced Programming List 

Webzone website:  my zone is cranmer
USD 385 Acceptable Use Policy –


***Please note that these are tentative plans and are subject to change depending on the progress each class makes.


Chelli Cranmer

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