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Effective immediately, the grading policy for programs in Visual Basic is changing. Points for programs will still be awarded at the end of the chapter before the chapter test. Programs will be worth 5-20 points depending on the complexity of the program. The due date for programs will be announced at least 3-days prior to the due date. Students will be assigned small groups to peer grade programs. The student will present his/her programs to the small group. All programs will begin with the assigned amount of points, and the group may deduct points for errors, missing requirements, etc. In the event of a disagreement, students may present to me for mediation.

In the past, I have graded all programs and allowed the student to make corrections as often as desired. There have been times when a student has corrected the same program over 5 times. The result of this has been some students have become dependent on the corrections to finish the program instead of figuring out the problem.

I believe this new grading procedure will allow students to learn presentation skills, how to evaluate programs, and troubleshoot problems. Whether students are presenting their own program or evaluating their peers, they will be more engaged in all aspects of programming. Grading this way will increase rigor while presenting them with another aspect of programming that is vital to a career in programming. Whether presenting their own program or grading their peers all students will be engaged in the evaluation process. Every student will have the opportunity to gain a better understand of programs throughout this process. All students will have a better understanding of each program as they present their programs to the group.

At this time, I have not changed the grading procedure for C++.


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Weeks of April 23 – April 27

AP Computer Science A
Prepare for AP exam
Blue Pelican Java book

C++ Programming 2
Develop class project


Visual Basic Programming 1
Finish chap 5 – More on the Selection Structure
Test Thursday & Friday 4/26-4/27
List of programs


Visual Basic Programming 2
Finish chap 10 – Structures and Sequential Access Files
Program Sheet


Course Syllabus with due dates

Advanced Programming List 

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***Please note that these are tentative plans and are subject to change depending on the progress each class makes.