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Ceramic Websites, Links & Downloads

Meet Peter Pugger
Image that corresponds to Meet Peter Pugger

Created by C. A. Traen, this wonderful video conveys the key operating features and procedures of our FAVORITE studio machine.  The heart of our day-to-day work.  Learn it.  Love it.  Live it.

Bill Campbell Pottery
Image that corresponds to Bill Campbell Pottery

Explore this site to view wonderful and visually gorgeous surface treatments in glaze, graceful form and dedication to the craft of pottery.  Mr. Campbell has spent a lifetime learning the art of marrying glaze knowledge to the pottery form created on a pottery wheel.  While visiting the website, tell me of a local connection!

Natalie Blake Studios
Image that corresponds to Natalie Blake Studios

Explore every corner of this website to see the epitome of craftsmanship, creativity, color use & mastery, variance of carving patterns and so much more.  Her unique and ever-growing and expanding style permeates all that she creates.  For those of you who struggle with how to decorate the surfaces of your works, look no further than this site to find inspiration.

Eric Stearns Pottery
Image that corresponds to Eric Stearns Pottery

Eric Stearns literally changed our ceramic world here at AHS.  Through a workshop in the summer of 2013 held at Bracker's of Lawrence, KS., we have directly and in-directly used so much from that presentation as a basis of what we do on a day-to-day basis.  Explore this site thoroughly for research on form, function, decoration and exploration of pottery by Eric.

Evans Ceramics Supply
Image that corresponds to Evans Ceramics Supply

Our preferred supplier of all things ceramic and clay.  Evans Ceramic Supply is your one-stop shop for tools, glazes, clay and studio equipment.  Don Evans and family will help you in any way they can.  In the off chance they do not stock what you are looking for, they can often times special order.  When you go, mention you go to AHS – they are fully aware of our clay body and glaze choices we use.  Remember to represent AHS ceramics well when you go!

Michael Wisner Pottery
Image that corresponds to Michael Wisner Pottery

Michael Wisner's work represents the possibilities of when you push a simple design to it's limits.  Poetic precision meets simple tool.  How far could you push a single tool to make a variety of patterns?  Mr. Wisner has taken this challenge and married it to delicate thrown forms to a level beyond our imaginations.

Jennifer McCurdy
Image that corresponds to Jennifer McCurdy

Jennifer McCurdy pushes the boundaries of what is possible with porcelain.  Explore in awe!  Explore in depth to see what is possible when you have learned your materials inside and out and beyond.  These works push the boundaries of what we consider is possible with clay.

CircleMatic Templates by Sandi Pierantozzi
Image that corresponds to CircleMatic  Templates  by  Sandi Pierantozzi

This is one of a series of instructional videos by Sandi Pierantozzi for her invention, The CircleMatic.  This is a template system designed to create dimensional forms such as cylinders, cones and ovals out of slab formed clay.  Sandi demonstrates her system in an effortless manner where you will be able to dive in and use these without hesitation.  Follow other videos on YouTube for countless forms.

Greg Jackson Pottery
Image that corresponds to Greg Jackson Pottery

Greg Jackson is a texture master!  Comprehensive site with countless links and ideas.  I have been exploring his site for the past year and always find new work, ideas and texture inspiration.

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