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Lee Garrett

Automotive Tech

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316-218-4600 x31853

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please e-mail for appointment

About Me

Educational History:

Graduated from Excelsior Springs High School 1975

Pursuing proffessional growth continually at Pittsburg State University

Degrees and Certifications:

ASE Certified Master Technician

Professional Development:

Richard Weathers Automotive training seminars at PSU for 17 years

Personal Information:

 From bicycle /motorcycle mechanic to Ferrari Technician. From the assembly line at Ford Motor Co in Kansas City to Porsche race technician at race tracks across the country. Currently pursuing the restoration of antique Fords and racing modern KTM motorcycles in hare scramble and enduros, mixing in adventure travel from alaska to Mexico. Why sit still?

Interested in adventure travel? Me TOO! Lets talk about new travels and competition experiences! 

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Lee Garrett

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