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Monday Jan 6th— DNA notes

Tuesday Jan 7th-  RNA notes   RNA vs DNA venn diagrom

Wednesday Jan 8th-

DNA Word Search

Thursday Jan 9th- 

Friday Jan 10th- RNA vs DNA Venn Diagram 


Monday Jan 13— Notes- Transcription of RNA from DNA

Tuesday Jan 14-  Notes-  Translation of RNA into Proteins  Codon Worksheet

Wednesday Jan 15- How to read a 

Thursday Jan 16- Types of Point Mutations in DNA

Friday Jan 17-  Codon Bingo review game


Monday Jan 20— Ice Cream Sundaes-  Deciphering the DNA Code Lab Day 1

Tuesday Jan 21-  Ice Cream Sundaes-  Deciphering the DNA Code Lab Day 2

Wednesday Jan 22- Notes Gene Expression and Regulation

Thursday Jan 23-   Gene Expression of the Ice Cream Sundae

Friday Jan 24-  Review Game DNA and RNA


Monday Jan 21—  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday Jan 22- Review for Test


Thursday Jan 24-   Notes- Cell Cycle

Friday Jan 25- Mitosis Notes



Monday Jan 27—  Karyotype- normal individual

Tuesday Jan 28-  

Wednesday Jan 29- Notes- Meiosis Notes

Thursday Jan 30  – Notes-Nondisjunction and chromosome mutations

Friday Jan 32 1-Karyotypes of abnormal individuals


Monday Feb 4— Meiosis vs Mitosis Introduction

Tuesday Feb 5-    Meiosis Notes

Wednesday Feb 6- Types of mutations

Thursday Feb 7-  NO SCHOOL --- SNOW DAY

Friday Feb 8-  Crossing over and Nondisjunction   Disorders


Monday Feb 11—  Karyotypes-  Individual with Nondisjunction

Tuesday Feb 12-   Review for cell cycle test

Wednesday Feb 13- Review Game for cell cycle test 

Thursday Feb 14-  CELL CYCLE TEST

Friday Feb 14-  NO SCHOOL


Monday Feb 17- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday Feb 19-  

Wednesday Feb 20-  Create-A-Baby” Lab Day 1

Thursday Feb 20-  Create-A-Baby” Lab Day 2

Friday Feb 21-  


Monday Feb 25—  Pedigree Analysis Lab day 1

Tuesday Feb 26-   Pedigree Analysis Lab Day 2

Wednesday Feb 27-  

Thursday Feb 28-  Genetics Review Worksheet

Friday Mar 1-  “Create-A-Baby” Lab Day 1


Monday Mar 4—  “Create-A-Baby” Lab  Day 2

Tuesday Mar 5-   Chromosome Research

Wednesday Mar 6-   Chromosome Research

Thursday Mar 7-  Chromosome Research



Monday Mar 11—  NO SCHOOL------SPRING BREAK

Tuesday Mar 12-   NO SCHOOL------SPRING BREAK

Wednesday Mar 13-   NO SCHOOL------SPRING BREAK

Thursday Mar 14-  NO SCHOOL------SPRING BREAK

Friday Mar 15-  NO SCHOOL------SPRING BREAK


Monday Mar 18th — Chromosome Poster 

Tuesday Mar 19th-   Chromosome Poster Due

Wednesday Mar 20th-   Chromosome Map notes

Thursday Mar 21st-  Chromosome Map Worksheet

Friday Mar 15th-  Review for genetics test


Monday Mar 25—  Review game for Genetics Test

Tuesday Mar 26th-   GENETICS TEST

Wednesday Mar 27th- Evolution Notes  

Thursday Mar 28th-  Darwing vs Wallace Video

Friday Mar 29st-  


Monday Apr 1- Notes on Evolution of Population--

Tuesday Apr 2-   

Wednesday Apr 3-  

Thursday Apr 4-   

Friday Apr 5-  Bacteria Video


Monday Apr 8— 

Tuesday Apr 9-   Finish Bacteria Notes

Wednesday Apr 10-  Collect Bacteria for Lab

Thursday Apr 11-   

Friday Apr 12-  Hardy Weinberg Problems


Monday Apr 15— 

Tuesday Apr 16-   Pterydactyl Lab

Wednesday Apr 17- Evolution Notes

Thursday Apr 18-   

Friday Apr 19-  


Monday Apr 22—   No school

Tuesday Apr 23

Wednesday Apr 24

Thursday Apr 25-   TEST- EVOLUTION

Friday Apr 26-  Notes- Taxonomy


Monday Apr 29—   Bacteria Notes

Tuesday Apr 30

Wednesday  May  1

Thursday May 2-   

Friday May 3-



Monday May 6—   Bacteria Collection

Tuesday May 7—  Virus Notes--

Wednesday  May  8

Thursday May 9-   

Friday May 10-


Monday May 13—   

Tuesday May 14

Wednesday  May  15

Thursday May 16-   

Friday May 17-


Monday May 20—   

Tuesday May 21

Wednesday  May  22

Thursday May 23-   

Friday May 24-










































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