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What is Interrelated Special Education?

To qualify for special education services, the student must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The interrelated special education department supports students with existing IEPs in the general education environment.  The special education department will support these students by providing inclusion support, pullout support, and by providing accomodations indicated in the specific IEP.


What to expect in an annual review for an IEP?

Participants in the IEP can expect many things in an annual review meeting.  First off, teachers will report on the progress of the student in the class.  All members of the IEP Team will be able to give dialog, ask questions, and develop ideas to help support the student in the general education setting.  The IEP Team will determine any changes that need to be made to the IEP based on the input from the members.  

The parents and the students will communicate with the counselor about setting up times to take the ACT along with organizing class schedules for the upcoming semester.  Behavior issues will be discussed as a group as well as in a more specific setting with the administrator.

The special education teacher will review the IEP along with any changes in the document from the previous year.  The special education teacher will acquire any and all signature pages from parents/students and file documents accordingly.