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Monday, Jan 20

Tuesday, Jan 21
1. Define wellness and understand the four main aspects of well-being
2. Analyze how physical, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of wellness are interrelated.
3. Explain the status of health as it relates to a continuum
4. Differentiate between disease and disorder.

Begin unit 1: Understanding Your Health and Wellness
Read and Outline P. 5-12
Review questions P. 12  # 1 – 4

Wednesday, Jan 22
Lesson 1.2  Read and Outline
1. Understand the importance of health literacy
2. Understand criteria used to determine whether or not information should be accepted
    as scientific knowledge
3. Determine the credibility of sources offering health-related information
4. Evaluate the importance of lifelong learning as it relates to health and wellness.

Lesson 1.2 Read and Outline  P. 13 – 20
P. 16  Reliable Print Media
    Choose 5 websites that look interesting to you and write them down.
    Using How to evaluate websites, choose 2 websites to evaluate
    How safe are Energy Drinks  P. 17 

Thursday, Jan 23
Finish Lesson 1.2
1. Use a decision-making model to make healthy choices
2. Learn refusal skills to stand up to peer pressure
3. Identify sources of social support pertaining to your well-being

Begin Lesson 1.3  P. 21 – 24
How to Set Smart Goals  P. 23

Friday, Jan 24
Human Body Systems






























































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