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Kristen Kuhlmann

Dear Trojan Family,

I am incredibly honored and excited to serve AHS for the 3rd year as Principal.   Andover High School has a long history of academic excellence,  exceptional arts programs, and well-established traditions.  It is my mission to continue that excellence and culture while at the same time, motivate and inspire our entire Trojan staff to be innovative and creative, so we can propel that excellence to even greater heights!  I know we can continue to produce great  21st century leaders that will continue to make lasting impacts on our community and in the world beyond.  As the principal for Andover High School, I am motivated, inspired and challenged to continue to grow the tradition of excellence already in place.

I believe that people come before programs; therefore, it is my mission for AHS to be a place where everyone feels valued.  Whether you are a student, staff member, parent, custodian, or patron, I want you to leave Andover High School feeling valued.  I believe everyone that enters AHS has a role in helping our students succeed and are essential.  Please be sure to introduce yourself to me at any activities or events.  I always enjoy getting to know people.

During the 2018-19 school year, we will continue to work on our culture and relationships.   Both of these are the foundation of any successful school.  I firmly believe that healthy relationships are essential for our students to succeed in the classroom.  I’m committed to providing the best teaching practices for effective instruction in every classroom.  Our teachers will continue to grow and learn in their craft.  

Andover High School has a highly qualified staff of professional educators.  Their goal is to provide the highest quality of instruction in every classroom.  Teachers are provided professional learning in the Andover Instructional Framework which is designed to create highly engaging and rigorous education for our students.

Home and School communication are valued at AHS as it plays an integral role in the success of our students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if/when a need arises.

With Trojan Pride,

Dr. Kristen Kuhlmann

Kristen Kuhlmann

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