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Events and Post-Secondary Off-Site Visits​ 

Events and Post-Secondary Off-Site Visits​ 

On this page you will find events put on by various post-secondary institutions  and Andover High School’s Process for visits on a school day. It is important to visit any post-secondary learning institution you may be considering to attend after high school graduation. Visiting will help you learn more about where you might be going than simply looking information up or listening to a representative talk. Different institutions have different processes to schedule visits. The easiest way to find out what you need to do is by going to the institution's website and searching "visit". Some places may want you to call, some places may have online visit registration, and some places may have preselected events that you can register to attend. 

As always, we am happy to help you find out what you need to do to schedule a visit.

One more thing...Don't forget to check the "Student Events" calendar  at the bottom of this page. We update the calendar every time we receive information about upcoming events for students to attend so we can update you.


Andover High School's Senior Visit Process:

1. Select a date and register or schedule with the institution, you would like to visit.

2. Pick up a College Visitation Day Excuse Form in the main office or the counseling office.

3. Have your parent or guardian notify the office of your absence on or before the day of your visit.

4. Take the College Visitation Day Excuse Form with you to your visit to obtain the signature of your guide (Representative) during your visit.

5. Return the completed College Visitation Day Excuse Form to the high school office upon your return to school. 


Student Events Calander 



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