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Volunteer Opportunities

The Kansas Oil Museum in looking for students interested in volunteering to offer free gift wrapping services each Saturday in December. 

Contact Connor Rardin at  316-321-9333 or if you are interested!

Volunteer Crowd

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Trojans Together


Accomplish More

What is Accomplish More and how does it help?

Welcome to Accomplish More! Accomplish More is a student-led organization that provides free online tutoring for elementary students. Our tutoring program benefits a student by assisting them in their weakest subject by not only improving their understanding of the subject but also their learning skills. Many students are unable to access tutoring which is why this is a program with no cost! We offer tutoring in math, science, reading, and social studies as we know it's essential for students to fully understand these subjects. 




 Visit for more information!


Beverly Lang

Upcoming Events

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