Honor Choir Audition Information

KMEA Live Audition Information


Way Over in Beulah Lan’
Page 8, measure 102 – Piano starts
Measure 106 – Soprano & Tenors begin – Singin’ way…
Measure 107 – B1, B2, A1, A2 begin – Way…
Sing through measure 133, page 10 – Beulah Lan’

Flight Song
Page 6, measure 36 – piano starts
Begin singing at measure 39 – yes, we hear you…
Sing through measure 50 – wild we will fly,

Sing On! Dance On!
Piano begins on Page 9, measure 69, 2nd time through to 2nd ending
Altos begin singing, pick up to measure 74 – I’m glad I am a Shaker…
Everyone else begin at measure 75 – Sing…
Sing to the end of the song.


Beulah Lan


Flight Song




Sing On Dance On