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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad at Andover High School

What is Science Olympiad? Science Olympiad is an after-school, competetive club focusing in the various disciplines of science. Teams compete against other area schools at a Regional tournament to possibly qualify for the Kansas State Tournament held at Wichita State. Should the team place first, the team would be invited to the National Tournament. Competitions are held Olympic-style as there are 23 different events that students could compete in.

What are the events? There are 23 possible events that students could compete in, and they are divided into the categories: Life/Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth/Space Sciences, and Engineering/Science Inquiry. Events vary in their competitive requirements. Some are test-based requiring application of science knowledge. Others are lab-based where students could complete hands-on type activities. Finally, some require building a device to test in front of judges at the competition. For a complete list of events (and other information on Science Olympiad), go here.

What are the expectations of me? Students are required to try-out for the team as there are limitations to the number of students who can be on a competetive team. Should you be chosen for the team by the coaches, you will be expected to 1) Attend practices (Science Olympiad runs from mid-October through possibly April if the team qualifies for state. We encourage participation in other sports/activities, please fill in any conflicts that might occur on your tryout application or let Mr. Hallmark know once practice begins), 2) Prepare for what is required of the events that are on your case-load, 3) Attend ALL competitions (Regionals – tentatively, Saturday, February 26, 2022 at ACHS; State – Saturday, April 2, 2022 at WSU)).

  • Practice Information: As we continue to grow as a program, we are trying to revise pieces that didn’t work as well. One change this year is reducing the amount of practices until competition time. We are looking at practicing at most two days per week until February when we will increase the number of practices to better prepare for competition. Practice will end by 4:30PM each day to better assist with other schedules and committments. 

How do I get involved? If you are interested in trying out, you will need to complete the following steps:

**Mr. Hallmark will have an informational meeting in September. Be on the lookout for specifics in school announcements.

  1. Fill out Application 
  2. Complete the Tryout Proces (All students will complete a written test before/after school over various science content areas; For those students interested in building events, you will need to complete an engineering challenge – more details will be given in the informational meeting).

Contact Information:

  • Coach: Keegan Hallmark
  • Email:
  • Room 809, Andover Middle School

Lettering Requirements for Science Olympiad: For students wishing to obtain a letter in Science Olympiad, the requirements are to:

  • Attend and actively contribute to practices at least 50% of the year.
  • Participate in at least one event in both the Regional and State tournament.


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