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Bonjour! Hello!

Depending on if you have me for French or English, I am Madame or Mrs. Luckett. I’m so excited to have you in my class this semester! I teach all three levels of French and two classes of Sophomore English. I will use our Google Classroom site to manage all of our assignments and announcements, so be sure to stay up to date there. You can find the class codes below.

Important information for the semester and/or unit can often be easily located using the following hyperdocs. Click the links below for more information!

***   French Hyperdoc   ***   English Hyperdoc   ***


Google Classroom Codes:

English II (1st Hour): 3pbnbwt
French III (2nd Hour): 5t3glj
French I (3rd Hour): f8tbjo
English II (5th Hour): uc8c15y
French II (6th Hour): i0d66t
French I (7th Hour): d8jzk0