Web Graphics and Animation

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Web Graphics and Animation

TechnoAnimate CC

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Label the parts of the Animate Window
  • Learn about when to use the Object Drawing Mode and when to make sure it is turned off
  • Draw lines, circles, and shapes to teach students how these tools work and how to change settings
  • Use the Free Transform Tool to Scale, Skew and Rotate
  • Draw freehand using the Pencil, Brush, and Paint Brush Tools
  • Create motion tween
  • Create motion on more than one layer at a time
  • Create motion tween
  • Create motion on more than one layer at a time
  • Create a Start Point for motion
  • Use the Playhead to test motion
  • Animate text using zoom in or zoom out with motion tween
  • Change the color of objects as they are moving
  • Change the direction of objects
  • Reshape and change text
  • Frame by frame animation
  • Learn how to make limbs, mouth move by using the registration point and bone tools



Free Transform Tool



Pencil Tool

Paint Brush Tools

Properties Panel


Object Drawing Mode



Motion Tweens Flash Format Movie Clips Symbols Shape Tweens
Morph Words Break Apart Registration Point Bone Tools  


Week of December 13th

Monday: Students are continuing to wrap up Session 5 and 6 using shape tweens, morphing words and shapes. They will learn how to add sound to their movie and export their movie.


Tuesday: Students will evaluate each other’s movies and give ideas or make a suggestion to students where they see fit. They have some fabulous, detailed work!


Wednesday: Students will be submitting to me a story board that explains what they intend to do for their final project. I will give them a rubric of the objectives they need to include in their movie. Students will be allowed to create a cheat sheet for themselves ahead of time, they will not be able to access their session packets during the final.

Starting today students will begin creating a movie using a rubric that requires them to include the things we learned how to do this semester.

**Final begins today.

**Final for this class will be December 20th.



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