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Week of December 13th – December 18th


Monday: Count money for Monopoly. Look at portfolios for the SMG, the game ends on Friday.


Tuesday: Guest speakers over annuities and life insurance policies.


Wednesday – Monday: Students have 2 choices for their final exam. I have set up a game in MarketWatch.com for our class to compete against each other. Some are really involved in this and want to continue the game. Others had topics in mind they wanted to research about various companies or go into more depth regarding a type of investment we covered but they wanted more information.

I have provided 2 finals, students will choose one of the above. The students given the project have a rubric to follow, the students playing the game have to have a minimum amount of stocks, bonds and mutual funds to diversify their portfolios.

Our final exam for this class will be Tuesday the 18th; their first final.



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