Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry Calendar

In Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry students will expand thier knowledge on the Geometry concepts that were introduced in Middle School. Students will also look at how shapes are used in the real world.  They will use skills learned in Algebra 1 to help create connections and see patterns in the shapes. Throughout the class students will use logic to create these connections. The 1st, 6th, and  7th hour GST Calendars are the same. 1st hour is below to allow you to know what is happening in class.

Circles Vocabulary

The last day to turn in Circle Homework is Friday, March 1st at 3 pm.

The Circles Test is on Friday, March 1st.

The last day to retake the Chapter 9 Test is Tuesday, March 26th. Corrections must be completed by Monday, March 25th .