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Connie Redic

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Greetings Trojan Family!

I look forward to another great year at Andover High School! I hope to build upon the work I started last year and anticipate contributing in the tradition of excellence and working with every parent and student toward Trojan Success.

For those who don’t know me, please visit my profile to learn more about my background and education experiences. I want to highlight I am a native of Dallas, TX and spent 30 years of my life there. Why is that important? It’s not that I wish to brag about my Texas roots (though I never pass up a chance to do so). Instead, I want you to know some of my core values and greatest parts of me are pieces of some of the best Texans you know. I love to laugh and enjoy life, even when the truth hurts I’ll be honest, and I aim to be hospitable and a downright team player, with every encounter and challenge along the way.

Humbly hoping to grow with you and your student,


Connie Redic

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