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Scholars Bowl

Andover High School Scholars Bowl


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What is Scholars Bowl?

Scholars Bowl is a team competition against other local high schools in which teams of four or five students answer questions from the following general categories: World Language, Social Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science/Health, Fine Arts, and Year in Review/Current Events.

Each competitor holds a buzzer and the first to buzz in gets an opportunity to answer the question and earn points for his or her team. If the answer is correct the team is rewarded points. If the student buzzes in before the moderator finishes reading a question (interruption) and gives an incorrect answer, points are deducted. No points are rewarded or deducted if an incorrect answer is given after the question is given in its entirety.

Who can join the scholars bowl team?

Everyone is welcome to join the scholars bowl team. We have both a junior varsity and varsity team and opportunities to qualify for competitions will be available through January. Although we practice twice a week, we have had varsity competitors who also have participated in nearly every sport. Students who play sports can earn tournament spots by demonstrating their academic abilities and attending practices and tournaments when they are available. Even if students are uncertain whether or not they wish to compete in tournaments, we greatly encourage all students to come and practice with us. Come test your skills.

Lettering Requirements:

A student must complete the following to letter in scholars bowl:

  • Compete in three varsity meets
  • Attend practice regularly (on average at least once a week throughout the season).
  • Submit three questions in each of the following areas to by October 15th: Social Science, Science, Language Arts, Fine Arts, Mathematics (15 questions total)
  • Help in organizing and running any tournament Andover High School may host AND/OR help run any concessions stand that Scholars’ Bowl is assigned.


If a student has conflicts with other school activities and is unable to meet the practice requirements, he or she may letter but must attend practice regularly once able. Scholars Bowl will go two months longer than soccer, for example, so a student in soccer could qualify for a letter if he or she went to three varsity tournaments and attended practice regularly after the soccer season ends.


Tournament selection is entirely up to the coaches and is based on prior experience and performance in tournaments and practice. We are allowed 5 per team in most competition settings and may take up to six students to a meet.  

Signing up for a tournament is a commitment students are not to take lightly. All students who sign up are expected to not only prepare but also communicate with the coach so that scheduling and departures run smoothly.

To participate in a tournament, a student must be academically eligible and have no outstanding detention time.

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