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Student Council

Trojan Nite Tickets are now on sale!

Please use the link below to purchase your Trojan Nite tickets!! This is the same system that is used for athletic tickets. 

Tickets are $6 each. A ticket is needed for any attendee 5 years or older. Trojan Nite participants do not need to purchase a ticket.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Trojan Nite Work Schedules

Class of 2023

Class of 2024


Class of 2025


Class of 2026


2022-2023 Student Council Officers

Student Body President: Jeremiah Rather

Student Body Vice President: Sam Keene

Student Body Treasurer:  Kate Burdette

Student Body Secretary:  Addy Thrash


Senior Class Officers

Sam Ellis- President

Cole Fox, Sydney Gehring, Corbin Hoppas


Junior Class Officers

Lindsey Reynolds - President

Lawrence Bryant, Francie Foster, Walker Schoning


Sophomore Class Officers

Avery Vogt - President

Chase Haberichter, Carly Tucker, Nick Williams


Freshman Class Officers

Marybeth Akidiva- President

Zoe Chan, Brody Fields, Paige Stieban




Student Council Events

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