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Introducing…Career Cruising

careercruisinglogo (1).pngStudents are in charge of their future, so why not give them the tools to be successful?  USD 385 has made a commitment to students by investing in a product called Career Cruising.  All students from grades 6-12 have access to Career Cruising through the website, If students have questions about how to log into Career Cruising, they can contact their Seminar teacher or their counselor.  

Seminar lessons have been developed for students to learn more about what Career Cruising has to offer and to explore the website with their own future in mind.  In Career Cruising, students can:

  • Take Interest and Skill Inventories to find career matches based on their answers

  • Take a Learning Styles Inventory to understand how they learn best

  • Search for careers and analyze why they were or were not matched with that career with personalized feedback

  • Explore careers by accessing job descriptions, work conditions, earning potential, education requirements, and job outlook.  Multimedia interviews allow students to hear from real people in that career.

  • Develop an education plan by exploring potential colleges and universities, or other training opportunities.

  • Create a portfolio of possible careers and schools

  • Record information for resumes and college applications such as activities, awards, and volunteer experiences.

  • Create a 4-Year plan that is accessible now and into the future.


NEW for 2018!
Career Lunch & Learn Series

Sign up to attend a Lunch & Learn session.  Our current offerings for this semester are:

Foley Equipment – Friday, January 26
The Wichita Eagle: Photojournalism – Tuesday, January 30
Law & Public Safety: Lawyers & Law Enforcement – Friday, February 9
Engineering – Wednesday, February 21
All Things Aviation – Tuesday, March 6
Health Care Professions: Kansas Medical Center – Wednesday, March 28‚Äč
Architecture & Interior Design – Wednesday, April 11
Education – Tuesday, April 24
Welding – Friday, May 4
Sales & Marketing – Friday, May 11