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Scholarships and Opportunities


We recommend that students apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for.

Keep in mind that you will have a better chance of obtaining local or school-specific scholarships than you will have to obtain a scholarship that is available to students nationwide. But, someone has to win each scholarship, so it is never a bad idea to apply for a reputable scholarship.

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Kansas Promise



Scholarship deadlines will occur throughout the year. You can start searching, gathering information and applying after your junior year. Keep in mind that students should always submit their scholarship information before the application deadline. Many organizations will not even glance at late arrivals when determining recipients of scholarship awards, so you could be out of luck if you’re even a day late. Some applications may require you to put in some time but once you've completed an application or two, you might find it will get easier and take less time with each additional one scholarship award. You may even find that you’re able to use components of some applications for other scholarships, such as essays or personal statements.


The misinformation and scholarship myths out there could scare anyone out of applying for college scholarships. If you do a little research now, you’ll find that not only is the scholarship application process not as time-consuming and intense as you may think, but that there are awards out there for almost everyone. If you know what to look for in an award, you’ll be less likely to find yourself paying to either enter to win an award or to use a scholarship search website. With options like, there’s no need to ever pay to get an extensive list of awards you qualify for. You don’t need to look too hard to find scholarships you could be eligible for and students who know what scholarship information judges are looking for will have a head start on the competition and the best chance at winning scholarships. Some of the more important things to remember include applying early (or at least before the deadline), meeting all requirements, following all directions, proofreading and, if the opportunity presents itself, expressing personality and stressing individuality.

Browse through our site to see the kind of scholarship information you’ll need to find awards worthy of your attention and you’ll find that once you start the process, you’ll be surprised you hadn’t started searching sooner.

The Ultimate FAQ to Applying for Scholarships

Reputable Scholarship websites: 

Central Kansas Community Foundation
The College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Aid For Military Families 


Priority Scholarship Deadlines for Area Schools:

KU and KSU—November 1

Fort Hays State University--November 15

WSU—December 1 (For DSI scholarship competitions, admissions materials must be submitted by October 15.)

Pittsburg State--February 1

Emporia State and Washburn--February 15

Butler CC—March 1

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