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Heath Kintzel - 1st Responder's Calendar
Contact Heath Kintzel
Classroom Number: 402
School Phone:
316-218-4426 (31402)

SRO Heath Kintzel

Cell: (316) 518-1490

Andover High School
Cottonwood Elementary


As School Resource Officers our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for all Administration, Staff and Students. We will assist administration and faculty address school/law related problems through prevention and intervention techniques. We will serve as an informal counselor as well as, an educator for school/law related issues by providing resources and education.

Along with our duties as SRO, we are asked to speak and make presentations to students and even parents on various topics. Our topics include safety concerns in schools and home, drugs and alcohol, bullying or harassment issues, or stranger presentations for young children. We also handle tours of the Andover Police Department for class field trips. (Please contact your SRO to schedule any of these presentations.)

In conjunction with the Andover Police Department, we look forward to a very safe and successful school year.

Andover Police Department - School Resource Officers

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