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Class of 2024

Welcome, seniors!

This year will go fast, we hope you take some time to enjoy and have fun. When you're not doing that, check out this helpful monthly checklist that we have to help you stay focused and prepared! You will also have access to your own copy of this list that you can make notes on in your Google Classroom Class of 2024 starting in August of your senior year.


Senior Checklist


_____ Turn on notifications for Google Classroom. 

  • If you want to get information in a timely manner, download the Google Classroom app. to your phone and sync over cellular data (found under settings). This will allow you to receive notifications each time something is posted in Google Classroom.

_____ Update or start a resume to have on hand to apply for schools, give to teacher recommenders, and apply for certain scholarships.

  • A helpful template can be found on the Career Information page of the Counselor Webpages.

_____ Visit all post-secondary institutions you are interested in if you are able to.

_____  Apply for all schools you are interested in attending.

  • Ask for letters of recommendation as needed and supply your recommenders with a copy of your academic resume.
  • Research when the scholarship deadline for ACT or SAT is (differs per school).
  • Talk to the financial aid office of any school you apply to.
  • Request your transcript is sent to each school you apply to through Parchment.  Instructions for how to do this are on the counseling website.
  • Fill out the Common Application if it is used by schools you are interested in. 
  • Link Xello and your Common App.: Instructions found here

_____ Ensure that you and your parents have FSA IDs to complete the FAFSA when it opens.

_____ Complete the FAFSA in December when it opens 

  • The class of 2024 will be completing the 2024-2025 FAFSA.

  • Make sure you have applied to any school you send your FAFSA information to.

_____ Retake the ACT or SAT if needed to obtain a certain score.                                        

_____ Compare schools by cost. 

_____ Apply for scholarships. Information can be found on the Scholarships and Opportunities page of the school website (listed on the counselor pages).

_____ Check the Events & Post-Secondary Off-Site Visits page of the school website (listed on the counselor pages).

_____ Order your cap and gown through Jostens:


_____ Check on completion of recommendations, sending of transcripts, and finalize applications.

_____ Apply for scholarships. Information can be found on the Scholarships and Opportunities page of the school website (listed on the counselor pages).

_____ Ensure that you remain in good academic standing (some colleges request mid-year reports as part of their admissions process).


_____ Check with the admissions offices of all colleges you have not heard from on your admission decisions. 

_____ Ensure that mid-year reports have been sent by your counselor (if required)

_____ Continue checking the scholarships and opportunities page of the school website.

February through March

_____ Review any acceptance letters and financial aid offers to aid in your final decision.

_____ Notify the school you want to attend and check with their admissions and financial aid offices for any required steps you need to complete.

_____ Notify your high school counselor when you have made a decision and supply a copy of any scholarships you have received.

_____ Continue checking the scholarships and opportunities page of the school website.


_____ Confirm with your selected college to ensure they have all of the information they need from you. 

_____ Check Google Classroom daily for senior information.