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Class of 2025

Welcome, juniors!

2 years down, 2 years to go! Junior year is when your course options expand to allow you the opportunity to take AP and/or college courses.  Remember to stay aware of your own path to success during and after high school as you decide which courses are for you. Now is the time to start visiting and exploring post-secondary options if you have not already started. The helpful checklist below can help as you prepare for a successful junior year at AHS. 

Junior checklist

  1. Be aware of your 4-Year Plan located in your Google Classroom Class of 2025
    • Make sure you are taking the classes you need to achieve your high school goals.
  2. Decided whether to AP or Dual Credit (or both).
    • The pdf at the bottom of this page may help, but your teachers and counselors are great resources as well. 
  3. Stay or get involved!
  4. Continue to keep a list of your involvement and volunteer hours. 
    • Your list can be kept in Xello or on a separate page of your 4-year plan
  5. Check the Events & Post-Secondary Off-Site Visits page of the school website (listed on the counselor pages).
  6. Take the PSAT, ACT, SAT, or ASVAB
    • Learn more about which test is right for you by visiting the Testing Information page in the counselor section of the school website.
  7. Meet with your counselor
    • Your counselor can help you plan the steps you need to take towards your goals after high school.
  8. Search for post-secondary options and visit schools or programs you're interested in.
    • This page will help you learn about opportunities to check this box!
  9. Learn about your testing needs depending on your next step after high school
  10. Know your Grade Point Average (GPA) and what you need to get where you want to go next.
  11. Make or update your resume.
    • Put it in your Google Drive so you can share it with teachers or your counselors when you start asking for recommendations next year!
  12. Consider applying to scholarships that are already available to you this year! 

College Credit Options: