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Class of 2026

Welcome, sophomores!

Sophomore year is a great time to build on what you started during your first year in high school. Remember to keep your 4-Year Plan template up to date in your Google Classroom Class of 2026. This plan is modifiable and personalizable because we know that you might change your mind as you go through high school, and that's ok! One way to keep yourself aware and accountable is to highlight the path you think you want to take in high school on the first page of your 4-year plan. Make sure that you talk to your parents or guardians about your thoughts. Teachers and counselors are also helpful as you decide which path you should take to get you where you want to go after you graduate from AHS.

Make sure that you keep your Xello lessons up to date in T-Time. Xello is another helpful tool that you will continue to have access to that can assist you as you explore. Over the course of the next few years, Xello will give you the opportunity to learn about your learning style, matches your interests to possible careers, helps you to search for post-secondary opportunities that match your future educational needs and will help you learn what you will need to be successful after you graduates.

Xello coupled with your 4-Year plan will help make up your Individual Plan of Study. This planning piece is essential in making sure you make the most of your time and that you are taking the classes you need to get you where you want to go next.

Sophomore checklist

  1. Update your 4-Year Plan both semesters.
    • You can always find it in your Google Classroom Class of 2026.
  2. Stay or get involved!
  3. Continue to keep a list of your involvement and volunteer hours.  
    • Your list can be kept in Xello or on a separate page of your 4-year plan
      • You'll thank us for this when you make a resume!
        • The Career Information page of the counselor webpages has a helpful template if you would like to get started now. Keep it in a Google Folder and you will have it ready to update each year of high school. 
  4. Check the Events & Post-Secondary Off-Site Visits page of the school website (listed on the counselor pages).
  5. Order your class ring in October:
  6. Take a Practice ACT, the PSAT, or ASVAB (for practice)
    • Learn more about which test is right for you by visiting the Testing Information page in the counselor section of the school website.
  7. Remember that credits count!
    • Each class you take is worth .50 credit. You need a total of 25 to graduate
    • Refer to your own 4-year plan goals to make sure you stay on track. in
  8. Start thinking about your educational needs after high school
    • Attend Lunch and Learns when they are offered.
    • Some colleges have Sophomore Visit Days 
      • Check this page periodically in the spring.
  9. Have Fun!
    • High school goes quicker than you think.