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Curriculum Completion Options

Andover High School graduation requirements

Graduation requirements to be eligible for graduation from Andover Public Schools USD 385, a student must meet the following minimum requirements before the Board of Education may grant a diploma. A student must earn a minimum of 25 credits from one or more accredited high schools in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept credit from non-accredited schools when it is in the best interest of the district and student to do so.

Each semester-long course at AHS is worth ½ credit.

Credits a student must earn

Language arts: 4

1 credit must be taken each year

Mathematics: 3

Science: 3

Social studies: 3

World Geography (1/2), Modern World History (1/2), U.S. History (1), U.S. Government (1/2) and Electives (1/2)—Students may exceed the 1/2

Foundations of physical education: 1/2

Computer studies: 1/2

Fine arts: 1

Speech: 1/2

Electives: 9

Students may exceed the minimum

Total: 25

Qualified Admissions Curriculum

Download the Qualified Admissions Curriculum pdf

Kansas Scholars Curiculum

The Kansas Scholars Curriculum is one of the requirements Kansas residents must meet in order to receive State Scholar designation during the Senior year. This curriculum is NOT the same as the Qualified Admissions Curriculum.

Consists of the following:

English - 4 years
One unit to be taken each year. Must include substantial recurrent practice in writing extensive and structured papers, extensive reading of significant literature, and significant experience in speaking and listening.

Mathematics - 4 years
Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one unit of advanced mathematics-- suggested courses include: Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Functions or Calculus. Completion of Algebra I in 8th grade is acceptable for the Kansas Scholars Curriculum.

Science - 3 years
One year each in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, each of which include an average of one laboratory period a week. Applied/technical courses may not substitute for a unit of natural science credit.

Social Studies - 3 years
One unit of U.S. History; minimum of one-half unit of U.S. Government and minimum of one-half unit selected from: World History, World Geography or International Relations; and one unit selected from: Psychology, Economics, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Current Social Issues, Sociology, Anthropology, and Race and Ethnic Group Relations. Half unit courses may be combined to make this a whole unit.

World Language - 2 years
Two years of the same language. Latin and Sign Language are accepted.

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